"Nothing is permanent,
except for the act of changing." Fernando Pessoa
The Origami is a Japanese tradition in which certain figures are created by folding a sheet of paper, without cutting ou gluing, shaped as living creatures.

Who we are

Human Development Solutions (HDS) is a company created in 2009, which renders Consulting and Training Services in the Human Resources, Organizational Development, Hotel Management and Aviation, as well as Legal Consulting. We follow up judicial procedures, guaranteeing judicial, administrative and bureaucratic diligences suitable to the satisfaction of our clients’ pretensions, soliciting the intervention of lawyers in case of need. From its headquarters located at Quinta da Beloura, Sintra, Portugal, a multidisciplinary team composed by professionals coming from diverse academic and professional fields guarantee the execution of the offered services. We count on a wide net of clients, present in all activity fields and we are proud to maintain partnerships with other companies which complement our services. We provide a solid and responsible service based on a set of values which we consider basic such as consolidated experience, competence, seriousness, availability, flexibility, legality e above all – rigour. We truly believe it is possible to transmute the company’s productivity through the operation of a mentality modification and an investment on human capital. We can provide and individual/collective transformation inside out, visible from who endeavours our customers. We practice competitive market prices, individually tailored and adequate to each request. We offer the possibility of proceeding to an analysis/diagnosis of the client’s structures and further identify which parts need intervention in the scope of our competences. We recommend the structure and provide the execution of the stages required to the prosecution of each organizations’ targets. We strive for the total satisfaction and, in result of that, the profit increase and rigour of the institutions in which we work with.


We intend to act in the market as an executive partner through the out-sourcing system, supporting companies and private parties on the scope of our specialties, offering competitive prices.

We aim the increase of value and optimization of the individual performance through the implementation of an increase of knowledge and training systems. We expect to pass on to companies the necessity of creating a functional dichotomy between duties and rights of employees. Promoting, thus, a work environment as healthy as disciplined and a raise on institutional productivity results. We propose the standardization of single professional skills’ and abilities so that each employee is able to render an excellent service in similar terms.


Consultancy on Human Resources and Organizational Development in Hotel Management

  • Recruitment and selection
  • Professional training
  • Careers’ Development
  • Performance Evaluation
  • Analysis and job description
  • Motivational programmes
  • Compensations and awards
  • Legal consultancy

Professional Training Courses

  • Strategic Management of Human Resources
  • Leadership and team management
  • Headship Competences
  • Personal Development
  • Effective customer service
  • Hotel Excellence Service
  • Oral Presentation Techniques



  • Consulting on Aviation Psychology – Aviation Behavioural Psychology
  • Organizational Development Consultancy
  • Recruitment and Selection
  • Psychological Evaluation
  • Psychological Counseling
  • Legal Counseling


  • Factores Humanos na Aviação
  • Teaching and Learning
  • CRM – Crew Resource Management
  • CRM Initial – Pessoal navegante Comercial
  • CRM Recurrent - Pessoal Navegante Comercial
  • Quality Course
  • Aviation Law and consulting
  • Aviation Psycholoy - Human Factors and CRM
  • Quality Management and Auditing
  • SMS – Safety management Systems


Drª Susana Mendonça

Cédula pessoal nº 014911
OPP-Ordem dos Psicólogos Portugueses

Actually performing duties as Founding Partner of HDS, Susana Mendonça was born in October 25th, 1951 at Funchal – Portugal. As a graduate in Psychology at the University of Lisbon, she rapidly felt the need to deepen additional practice areas and complement her academic training in order to fully perform her wide management duties. Thus, after the conclusion of the Diploma in Management Studies at the European College of Business and Administration in 2002, she obtained her Business Master’s Degree in 2003 at the East London Business School.

Since 1971, Susana Mendonça attended and successfully concluded an extended number of professional training courses which complement her activity such as Human Resources, Human Resources Management, Instructor Training, IT and e-learning systems, Consultancy, Aviation Security, Safety, CRM, Human Factors, Legislation, Aviation Psychology and several others.

Professionally, she initiated her career at TAP Air Portugal in 1971 as a flight attendant having reached higher office (management duties) in areas such as the Human Resources, Sales and F&B on board, Flight Equipment, Crew Planning, Negotiations with Unions and numerous others.

After more than 20 years serving the Public Portuguese Air Carrier, she transitioned to the Pestana Hotel Group, where she executed Management functions on a national and international level. She performed the role of Group Organizational Development Director, being responsible for the totality of the Hotel Unities, having been responsible for the training of personnel, preparation of manuals and guidebooks, conception of digital platforms and for the Groups’ periodic magazine.

Since 2010 through present, she holds managing positions at Instituto de Formação Aeronáutica and Human Development Solutions, companies that owe her their progress and operational stability.

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Comandante António Mendonça


Captain Mendonça has a large experience in aviation, area in wich he has dedicated all his life, starting as an Air Force Fighter Pilot back in the 60´s, flying The F86. In a quick review of is aviation carier, we can point out:

* JAA/ATPL license with a TRI and TRE qualification; Commercial aircrafts flown at TAP Air Portugal:

* Caravell SE 210, B707,B707, B747, L1011, A320, A340;

* Chief Pilot SE Caravelle, B707, B747, L1011;

* TAP Head of Training;

* EuroAtlantic Head of Training;

* TAP Flight Operations Manager also flying B757/767

* Total flight number of hours 26.000 h

* Total simulador hours as Instructor and Examiner more than 6.000h.

With this outstanding carier and experience he gathered the best professionals in several different areas and started his own Training Centre.

His aim is to pass on to a new generation of pilots, his lifetime aviation knowledge and professional technical expertise.

He also owns HDS and works as an Aviation Consulting partner.


2719-693 SINTRA

TELEFONE +351 21 924 6380
FAX +351 21 924 6390